Build Paladin Tanque Mod10

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Build Paladin Tanque Mod10

Mensaje por Aslan el Miér Dic 07, 2016 10:38 pm

1. Abyssal Regeneration – 400 Incoming Healing Bonus – Filler
2. Demonic Resilience – Control effects have 5% shorter duration on you. I hate being stunned
3. Demonic Swiftness – Gain AP 3% Faster – More Dailies
4. Baleful Clutch – 10% increased Control Strength
1. Wave of Force – 300 Power and 2000 HP. Great!
2. Earth’s Renewal – 400 Regeneration and 2000 HP. HP is great, Regeneration is OK. Your lifesteal is so low, that increasing the severity seems pointless
3. Blazing Resilience – 400 Recovery and 2000 HP, and you avoid taking Critical Strike
4. Wall of Wind – Chance when taking damage to heal for 24K HP and gain 1000 Recovery for 10 seconds. The heal is nice, but rarely needed, but the additional recovery means quicker cooldowns, which means more damage.
1. Dark Fey Hunter – 400 Power
2. Fey Elusiveness – 400 Deflect
3. Elven Haste – 3% Action Point Gain
4. Elven Ferocity – Chance when striking a foe to deal 20K Arcane Damage = Nice!
5. Elvish Fury – Gain 135 Power when killing an enemy. Last 45 Seconds and can stack up to 30 times = 4050 Power. Not as useful in boss fights, but for trash clearing/skirmishes, it rocks!
1. Primordial Might – 400 Power and 1600 HP, Great Choice!
2. Primordial Regenesis- 400 Life Steal and 1600 HP, Because you don’t want Critical Strike and Life Steal adds to Power
3. Drow Ambush Tactics- Combat Advantage Bonus 10%, better than Regeneration
4. Dwarven Footing- Control Effects have 5% shorter duration on you, both are good options here, but I hate being controlled.
5. Abyssal Strikes- 10% damage versus demons. Damage is Good!
1. Reliquary Keeper’s Strength- 250 Power and Movement. Power always, Critical Strike never.
2. Evoker’s Thirst- 400 Life Steal, Life Steal adds to Power
3. Forbidden Piercing – Additional 3% Resistance Ignored. Allows you to put points in Power or Recovery instead of Armor Penetration
4. Shadowtouched- Chance when dealing damage to deal an additional 20000 Damage. Honestly, both are good options here, but this is a DPS build, so I went with the one that deals damage.
5. Rampaging Madness- Gain stack of “Madness” when dealing damage. When you reach 50 stacks, gain 4000 Power, Life Steal and Regeneration for 10 seconds. I can do a lot of damage with an extra 4000 Power, even for 10 seconds.
1. Dragon’s Claws- Gain 400 Power. Because Power, that’s why!
2. Dragon’s Shadow- Gain 400 Deflect, better than Critical Strike and adds to Power
3. Draconic Armorbreaker- Gain 400 Armor Penetration. Could easily have gone Defense here, but helps get RI to ~60% quicker.
4. Dragon’s Greed- Gain 400 Life Steal. Better than Regen and adds to Power
5. Dragon’s Grip- Increased Control Strength. Dragon’s Fury is also a good choice, because you will Crit occasionally, and when you do, you might as do more damage.
1. Encroaching Tactics- Gain 400 Combat Advantage Damage, because Damage is good.
2. Refreshing Chill – Stamina = Damage Resistance = you stay alive longer to do more damage.
3. Rapid Thaw- Gain 400 Recovery. Crit Severity doesn’t hurt this build, but Recovery is better.
4. Cool Resolve- Gain Power based on how much your Stamina is drained. You will be using Sanctuary a lot, so you might as well increase your damage while using it.
5. Winter’s Bounty – You will be killing a ton of enemies with this build, and getting AP back quicker will only increase your DPS.


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