Build Arquero Stormwarden Mod10

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Build Arquero Stormwarden Mod10

Mensaje por Aslan el Miér Dic 07, 2016 10:21 pm



Dark Fey Hunter (400 power)
Fey Precision (400 Critical Strike)
Elven Haste (3% Faster AP gain)
Elven Ferocity (Chance to deal 20k damage when striking a foe)
Elvish Fury (Gain 135 power for every foe defeated for 45 seconds. can stack 30 times)

Dread Ring

Conjurer’s Gambit (250 Crit and movement)
Evoker’s Thirst (400 Life steal)
Forbidden Piercing (3% resistance ignored)
Shadowtouch (When Dealing damage, a chance to deal 20k damage, target receives 25% less healing as well)
Rampaging Madness (When you deal damage, gain madness. After 50 stacks of madness you gain 4k power, lifesteal, and regeneration for 10 seconds)

Icewind Dale

Encroaching Tactic (400 Combat advantage)
Refreshing Chill (400 stamina Gain)
Sleet Skills (2% crit Severity)
Cool Resolve (Gain power depending on the amount of stamina missing)
Avalanche (After taking 20 hits, you deal 15k damage to nearby targets)


Primordial Might (400 power and 1600 HP)
Primordial Focus (400 Critical Strike and 1600 HP)
Drow Ambush Tactics ( Combat advantage damage bonus increased by 10%)
Dwarven Footing (Control effects are shortened 5% when applied to you)
Abyssal Strikes(10% increase damage to demons)

Tyranny of Dragons

Dragons Claws ( 400 Power)
Dragons Gaze (400 Crit)
Draconic Armorbreaker (400 Arm Pen.)
Dragons Greed ( 400 Life steal)
Dragons Fury 3/3 (8% increased Crit Severity)

Maze Engine

Abyssal Siphoning (5% life steal severity)
Demonic Influence ( 400 Combat Advantage)
Demonic Swiftness ( 3% increase AP gain)
Baphomet’s Might (Chance to gain 2000 critical strike when attacking a foe)

Elemental Evil

Wave of Force (300 power and 2000 HP)
Heart of Stone (4% life steal severity and 2000 HP)
Searing Aggression (400 Crit and 2k HP)
Gale of Retribution (chance to heal 24k hp and Critical is increased 1000 for 10 seconds after being hit)


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